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Pine Flooring – London.


Pine flooring

Pine wood floor boards are considered to be durable with the right maintenance. They are also relatively inexpensive and can usually be found in old houses under carpets. Pine is classed as a softwood and therefore may dent easily especially compared to hardwood floors such as oak or merbau. A pine wood floor is usually a yellowy – brown colour which darkens with age unless sanded. As with many other wood species there are various grades of pine wood floor boards showing more or less exposed grain and more or less knots.


Flooring Works: – Pine Flooring Deep Clean and Junckers HP Sport Polyurethane Lacquer

As part of a regular maintenance regime we were asked to clean the floor and top up the existing polyurethane finish. Using our scrubber drier with an attached red contractor pad and alkaline detergent we thoroughly cleaned the floor to remove any dirt, black scuff marks and spillages. We then neutralised the pH level using Granwax Neutrasol. Once the pine flooring was dry we abraded it using our Numatic buffing machine with a 100 grit mesh screen disc. The pine flooring was then thoroughly vacuumed and tack mopped before applying three coats of Junckers HP Sport polyurethane lacquer.

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