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Parquet Flooring – Hertfordshire.


Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is considered to be long lasting and usually requires minimal maintenance. Parquet flooring used to be installed using bitumen but today a wood adhesive is commonly used. Bitumen-glued blocks require use of either hot bitumen or a cold bitumen emulsion. Alternatively the bitumen can be scraped off the blocks and the sub-floor thoroughly cleaned before applying common wood adhesive. Unstuck blocks which were glued to the sub-floor using common glue are simply re-glued. Parquet patterns are entirely geometrical and angular.


Flooring Works: – Floor Sand and Junckers HP Commercial Polyurethane Lacquer Application

The five finger parquet flooring in this church hall was showing signs of wear and tear and needed to be drum sanded to bare wood and protected against dirt, moisture and water ingress from the churches cleaning regime. Using our Lagler Hummel floor sander we sanded the floor to an 80 grit finish. We then abraded the floor to a fine finish before a thorough vacuum and tack mop. As a few “fingers” had come loose we used wood flooring adhesive to glue the blocks to the sub-floor. After the adhesive had dried we applied one coat of Junckers Baseprime followed by three coats of Junckers HP Commercial water based polyurethane lacquer.


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