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Oak Wood Flooring – Essex.


Oak Wood Flooring

Oak wood flooring has always been very popular due to its quality, colour and durability. It comes in different grades, colours in different widths, thicknesses and lengths. Oak wood flooring is often one of the most expensive options when considering purchasing a floor for a residential or commercial property.


Flooring Works: – Lagler Hummel wood sand and Junckers HP Commercial polyurethane lacquer

This solid wood floor had been in the property since it was built but had never been sanded before. The floor had ingrained dirt around a rug and had changed colour due to exposure to sun light, despite oak commonly showing little colour change over a long period of time. We were instructed to drum sand the floor and restore it to its former glory. We sanded the floor using our Lagler Hummel wood sander finishing on a 100 grit sand paper. We managed to remove all dirt out of the grain of the wood and minimised the discolouration of the wood along the windows. We abraded the floor with our Numatic buffing machine to a fine finish before thoroughly vacuuming the floor to remove all dust residue. We applied one coat of Junckers Prelak followed by two coats of Junckers HP Commercial. The floor lacquer dried to a matt finish.

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