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Granwood Flooring – Bedfordshire.


Granwood Flooring

Granwood floors are considered to be very durable. They are also resistant to water, fire, wet and dry rot, extreme temperature fluctuations and humidity, most chemicals and is guaranteed not to warp, twist, buckle or splinter. A Granwood floor is constructed of cement, by-product of softwood sawdust, fillers, binders and pigments. It is formed under high pressure, impregnated with linseed oil and heat cured for stability. Granwood flooring comes in different colours such as Hopton Wood, Natural Oak, Beige, Maplewood Buff, Ice Blue, Mahogany, Sea Green, Standard Oak, Persian Grey and Black.


Flooring Works: Deep Cleaning and Granguard polyurethane lacquer

This Granwood flooring was straight laid as opposed to basket or herringbone pattern. As part of our deep cleaning service we removed all dirt from the surface using a strong alkaline detergent in our Cleanfix RA 430 scrubber drier. To neutralise the pH level we used an acidic solution which is compatible with Granwood flooring. The floor was then carefully abraded with our Numatic buffing machine and 100 grit grit mesh screen disc. This ensures the Grangwood floor is smooth, any dirt trapped in the previous coats of lacquer are removed and the floor has a key. If the floor doesn’t have a key the lacquer is very likely not going to adhere to the receiving surface and will eventually just peal away. This can be seen in  many facilities. Thoroughly vacuuming and tack mopping the floor is essential to remove all dust from the surface otherwise again the lacquer will not adhere to the floor. Using a padco t-bar we applied two coats of Granguard ensuring the floor looks nice and shiny, has a revived colour and has sufficient protection from the every day use in this school.

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