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Dinesen Flooring – Devon.


Dinesen Flooring

Dinesen flooring is manufactured and distributed from their warehouse in Denmark. It is a family run company which was established in 1898 and is currently in it’s fourth generation. Dinesen create beautiful floors either in Douglas Fir or in Oak in different quality grades. Dinesen flooring can be finished in a variety of finishes but Dinesen Lye and Dinesen White Soap are most common alongside Dinesen Lye and Dinesen Oil. Dinesen flooring comes in various lengths, widths and thicknesses. In length they range from 2 metres up to 15 metres. In width they range between 15 centimetres and 50 centimetres. In thickness they range between 28 millimetres and 35 millimetres. Today having a Dinesen floor in a residential property is said to bump up the value of the house due to it’s exclusivity and value. Dinesen flooring can be found in the Saatchi Gallery in London where Dinesen also has an office.


Flooring Works: Floor sand, Dinesen Lye and WOCA White Oil application

As part of our floor sanding service we were asked to sand this Dinesen Douglas Fir floor and apply Dinesen Lye before applying WOCA White Oil. Using our Lagler Hummel drum sanding machine we carefully sanded out any imperfections and contaminates from the installation procedure. The floor was then abraded to a fine finish before removing any residue surface dust with a vacuum and tack mop. Using the Dinesen approved finishing kit, we applied one coat of Dinesen Lye. Once the lye had dried we lightly abraded the floor once more before again making sure all dust and other contaminates were removed. Using our oil applicator, buffing machine and oil cloths the WOCA White Oil was applied and left to dry.

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