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Brick Flooring – Essex.


Brick Flooring

There are various pros and cons whether to have a brick floor in your home. Brick flooring is affordable, sturdy, naturally slip resistant and when maintained properly a real eye catcher. Unfortunately there are also a few downsides to brick flooring. The floor is normally uneven and can create a trip hazard. The floor is also very hard on the foot when walking on it which can be uncomfortable for some people. As mentioned below brick flooring is also porous allowing, if unsealed, spillages to penetrate into the brick potentially leaving dark marks that aren’t always possible to remove. General maintenance can also take longer as dirt and dust go down the grooves which can leave the floor looking dirty and then need vacuuming individually.


Flooring Works: Deep Clean and Seal of Brick Flooring

This lovely brick flooring had various marks on it. As it is situated in a dining room next to a fire place there was candle wax, drink spillages and general dirt. Due to also using an acid cleaning agent to clean the floor it had lost all of it’s beautiful colour and needed to be brought back to it’s former glory. Using a heat gun and a scraper we removed all candle wax residue from the brick flooring. This is essential as the lacquer does not stick to wax and would have separated. As the majority of the dirt was from foot traffic, it hadn’t penetrated the brick flooring and just needed an alkaline detergent. As brick is porous it is susceptible to moisture and spillage ingress especially when there is no sealer on top. The brick flooring was cleaned with an alkaline detergent using our scrubber drier machine and an attached brush. Normal contractor pads wouldn’t clean the floor efficiently as they just ride over the top whereas brushes are able to also clean the grooves between each brick. The floor was left overnight to dry thoroughly. The following day the floor was vacuumed. We usually apply a brick flooring sealer called Lithofin Stainstop but as it is solvent based the smell is quite potent and not suitable for this project. We decided to use Junckers HP ultra matt water based lacquer. This brought back the colour of the bricks and didn’t smell too much. Two coats were applied and left to dry. The polyurethane finish provides a matt finish, stops fluids penetrating into the brick and leaves the floor easy to maintain.


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