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Bona Naturale – Northamptonshire.


Bona Naturale

Bona can provide coating solutions to suit any clients’ needs with a selection of different shine, colour, slip resistance or durability. Bona pioneered the development of waterborne coatings in the 1970s and today Bona is one of the world’s leading companies offering a full range of enviromentally sound products.

Bona Naturale is a unique new floor treatment that protects and preserves the true nature of your wooden floors. Other treatments, no matter how natural, change the original texture and appearance significantly. Bona Naturale doesn’t. It keeps the wood the way nature intended.

Flooring Works: Floor sand and Bona Naturale polyurethane lacquer application

The owner of this house was concerned with the stains the pets were leaving on the floor as they were bleaching the colour out of the finish. The finish needed to protect the floor but also preserve the natural look of the oak boards. We advised the client on Bona Naturale. We sanded the floor using our Lagler Hummel floor sander before abrading it with our Numatic buffing machine to a fine finish. After vacuuming the floor thoroughly we applied one coat of Bona Naturale Base. Once the base coat was dry we applied two coats of Bona Naturale 1 – Component polyurethane lacquer.

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