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Badminton Court – Suffolk.


Badminton Court

Court line marking dimensions are standardised as per Badminton England and Badminton World Federation. The court shall be a rectangle marked out with lines 40 millimetre wide. The court line marking should be preferably marked in white or alternatively in yellow. All lines shall form part of the area which they define.


Flooring Works: – Floor sanding, Junckers HP Sport polyurethane lacquer and badminton court line marking

Due to a lot of wear and tear and poor maintenance this floor had become very dirty. Despite being intact the white badminton court line marking paint was also darkening. As part of our floor sanding services we we were instructed to restore this Junckers floor to its original state and apply fresh badminton court line markings. We sanded the floor using our Lagler Hummel drum floor sander finishing on a 100 grit sand paper belt. We abraded the floor using our Numatic buffing machine and a 120 grit mesh screen disc before vaccuming the floor to remove all dust residue.  To maintain compatibility we only applied Junckers products. One coat of Junckers Baseprime followed by one coat of Junckers HP Sport were applied. Once dry we taped off the badminton court before painting the lines using Junckers HP SportLine paint. A further two coats of Junckers HP Sport polyurethane floor lacquer were applied to protect the badminton court lines and Junckers floor from dirt and water ingress.

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